VIP Ignite / REACH MGMT Talent Testimonial: Grady Bell

Our talent are always open to giving testimonial. We have had the opportunity to interview one of VIP Ignite / REACH MGMT‘s rising star, Grady Bell recently.

Grady is one of our talent who had the chance to attend free VIP workshop with Bobby Funaro. At this workshop, he was given the opportunity to talk to Bobby Funaro as well as other talent on his experiences with REACH MGMT and VIP Ignite.

Grady mentioned that his experience so far had been “very great” though he only signed with us not too long ago. His most recent job was for the movie, Presto, starring Emma Roberts and Dave Franco. Grady said he was nervous and star-struck while on set for the movie. However, after overcoming his nervousness, Grady shared with new talent to “not be nervous on set because there are always people there to help you out”.

Another advice from this rising star is to have fun if this is the industry you’d like to be in.

It was wonderful to see our talent sharing their experiences and successes with the new talent. We at VIP Ignite / REACH MGMT are very proud of Grady.


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