VIP Ignite / REACH MGMT Talent Testimonial: Breanne Detrick

At VIP Ignite, we love hearing how our talent are doing and how we’ve helped them in achieving their dreams. Breanne Detrick is one of this talent who came to us with a testimonial.

Breanne signed with REACH MGMT when she was in ninth grade and now, she is in her senior year of high school. Breanne has a huge passion for hair and makeup hence she decided to enroll in a cosmetology program at her high school. Aside from her own job, Breanne assists with hair and makeups for VIP Ignite’s talent going for photoshoot – she loves doing this as it helps her practice her craft, not only that, Breanne gets to work with celebrity hair and makeup artist, Chris Lanston.

Recently, Breanne attended VIP Ignite’s free VIP workshop with actor, Bobby Funaro. She had the opportunity to speak one-to-one with Bobby Funaro as well as speaking to a group of talent on her experiences with VIP Ignite and REACH MGMT.

Breanne’s first job was for a hair show with well-known up do stylist, Martin Parson. She was the star model of the show and was also the first to be specifically picked by Parson; out of 300 talent. Her most recent job was for a TV show “Younger” where she played bartender for the book club and had the chance to shoot with celebrity actresses – Hillary Duff and Sutton Foster. Breanne says she is “living her dream” at VIP Ignite and that she “loves everybody here”. Her advice to new and prospective talent going into the industry – be self-confident and know this is what you want.


We at REACH MGMT and VIP Ignite are very proud of Breanne and her success.


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