VIP Ignite / REACH MGMT Talent Testimonial: Aaron Armstrong

At VIP Ignite, we love hearing how our talent are doing and how we’ve helped them in achieving their dreams. Aaron Armstrong is one of this talent who came to us with a testimonial.

Aaron ArmstrongAaron is a 23-year-old actor and model who hails from New Jersey. His journey with REACH MGMT began after attending an Open Call held for new talent. Aaron never thought he would be doing modeling or acting but attended the Open Call out of interest. At this Open Call, he learned that VIP Ignite was “all about business” – the CEO herself, Alycia Kaback, talked about how VIP Ignite is all about “investing their time and their money into their talent” and not the other way around.

Aaron went through the interview process and he signed with REACH MGMT.

His first job was as an extra on the TV show, Power. Aaron said it was a “great experience” and that prepared him for his second job in the movie, Precedence. His experience with these jobs taught him, while the wait time was long, he doesn’t regret it but in fact, he wanted more opportunities and casting.


His advice to the new and prospective talent is that there will be long hours on see so “be prepared”.

Aaron attended VIP Ignite workshop with Bobby Funaro, and at this event he was given a chance to talk to the talent about his experiences with REACH MGMT and VIP Ignite so far. We are very proud of Aaron and we look forward to see more of him.


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