3 Tips in Dealing With Difficult Character

As an actor, you will sometimes find yourself cast into a role that is totally outside your comfort zone. You might have to portray someone completely different than yourself – it could be different beliefs; it could also be different ethics.

Characters often make actions that even actors cringe at – anything from fighting onstage (though they’ve never picked up a sword in their entire life) all the way to kissing their scene partner (when they barely knew each other). Actors might have to play someone much older (or younger) than their actual age – these characters could be from a very different social class, background or life problems.

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How to Successfully Physicalize Your Non-Human Character

One of the best aspects of theatre performance is that if the actors on stage believe the character they’re presenting – so will the audiences. Audience members will suspend their disbelief when they see a talking cat or a piece of baloney come to life on stage.

Theatre is the perfect playground for non-human characters.

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Extras: 6 Reasons Why You Should Do It

So you’ve been dreaming of becoming a movie star and thought it’s great to start somewhere. Where to start? Try out for the roles of extras, you said.

Smart move. Very smart move, indeed. Extras are wanted everywhere – be it in commercials, films and even TV programs. And there are plenty of good reasons why you should start off as extras. Let’s talk about that, shall we?

And in our next post, we’ll share with you some tips on how to get extra jobs.

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12 Tips in Excelling Your Crying Scene

Think of an event in your life when you suffered a loss or experienced some sadness. Were you saying to yourself “Thank God I’m really crying” – of course not. These tears resulted from your immersion in real-life circumstances.

It should be the same thing when you’re acting. If you’re really involved in a character, the emotion will take care of itself.

“But what do I do if I’m immersed in the character but still can’t cry?”

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Simple Breathing Exercise for Actors and Singers

Whether you’re in a rehearsal, onstage or somewhere in between – breath control is very important for performers. Breath control affects the range, volume and speed of both speaking and singing. Practicing skills to improve breath control technique can further improve your speaking and singing abilities.

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