Hannah Townsend’s Testimonial on VIP Ignite

Model and actress, Hannah Townsend shared her testimonial on VIP Ignite in a one-to-one interview recently.

In the interview, Hannah talked about the growth and success she experienced thus far while working with VIP Ignite. This, we hope, will give prospective talent a bird’s eye view on what it’s like to be a talent with VIP Ignite. Hannah has been booked on various jobs such as high-end hair shows and TV productions with big networks like NBC, Fox and HBO – just to name a few.

She credited the company for helping her set goals for herself and for connecting her with highly respectable people, movers and shakers in the entertainment industry (e.g. Robert Russell, VP of Warner Brothers Studios).

Experience in the Industry

Hannah Townsend was born and raised in San Diego, California and lived in Los Angeles before moving to New York City. Upon joining VIP Ignite, Hannah Townsend has immensely expanded her acting portfolio. She was featured in the movie “Into the Equinox” in which she plays the small role of Deborah. Many of her other projects include brief stints on TV shows such as Gossip Girl, Law & Order: SVU, Dexter, and many more. Hannah Townsend continues to grow not only as an actress, but as a model as well. In October of 2014, she did a photoshoot with Obscure Alternatives.

Starring Role on Web Series

One of Hannah Townsend’s largest projects was her role as Hope on “The Diary of a Black Widow,” a web series loosely based on the short film. “The Diary of a Black Widow” delves into the darkness of murder as it centers on a serial killer who targets other serial killers. This series was adapted by Rydell Danzie and works towards creating a serious, dramatic storyline for viewers that tends to deviate from the original ideas of Tim Whitfield.

Advice from Hannah Townsend

In a talk with Kim Dildine, Hannah Townsend discusses the process of castings for acting roles. Specifically referencing her casting for Hope, Hannah stresses the importance of acquiring training and taking it seriously because each actor/actress is only one of a hundred that is being considered for the role in question. She calls her career “a labor of love” when describing the dedication it takes to succeed. As someone with vast experience and continued growth in the industry, her advice is invaluable to aspiring models and actors.

VIP Ignite partnership with Hannah Townsend has aided her in landing roles for major films and TV shows.

The company strives to seek new talent and broaden their horizons in the entertainment industry, helping them to make connections that will lead them to success. Hannah Townsend is one of many talents that have blossomed with the help of VIP Ignite.


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