Angelea Preston on Her Success and Connections with VIP Ignite’s Alycia Kaback

Angelea Preston was featured on the All-Star cycle of America’s Next Top Model last Fall.  Born and raised in Buffalo, NY; she applied to Cycle 12 but failed to make in into the house when she butted heads with Sandra Nyanchoka. On Cycle 12 there was more info about her life—it was revealed she had a daughter, who eventually died and she also talked about how she slept in the Port Authority bathroom stall to make her call back for the show.

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Video Submission is Now Accepted

VIP Ignite and REACH MGMT are proud to announce our latest and exciting announcement. Talent now have access to video submissions. A new feature that allows our talent to audition online through a simple video submission process.

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A Spotlight on Model Comp Card

Every applicant needs one thing for them to be successful in landing their prospective job and that one thing is an updated and well-formatted resume. A resume is your gateway into the real world. It provides the company or business you are applying for with information about you and your experience. You are giving them an opportunity to “see you” before you even get the chance to meet with them.

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Kickstarter - Pro-Wrestling

Long-awaited Pro-wrestling Documentary to turn into Kickstarter

Pro-wrestling fans are tired of documentaries meant to expose whether pro-wrestling is “fake” and documentaries that sensationalise the drama and the “grudges”. True fans of pro-wrestling know it’s not about factions and animosity; pro-wrestling is about community and brotherhood. To give the fans what they want, VIP Ignite and EPCW Heavyweight Champion Andrew “The Reinforcer” Anderson will be turning to Kickstarter to finalise funding for Behind the Ropes: The Greatest Fraternity in the World.

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7 Tony Award-Winning Broadway Shows

Now that we all know how the Tony Award got its name, we figured we would go a little bit further, and show you some of the amazing Broadway shows that have won that prestigious award!

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