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3 Reasons Why Entertainment Industry Is Highly Sought After

Everyone loves entertainment. It’s a big, crazy and sometimes scary industry that everyone wants to be part of.

So, if it is THAT scary, why do we love it so much?

Our industry expert, Saida Fakher, recently shared three great reasons on why this is such a sought after industry. Let’s check it out.

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5 Ways of Dealing with a No

So You Didn’t Get Cast? 5 Ways of Dealing With a “No”

Dealing with rejection poses a challenge to many – actors included. Even the successful ones. We’re all sensitive creatures after all, aren’t we?

It is a real downer when you missed out on a part in a play, movie or show. Whether you didn’t get the part your wanted or you didn’t get a part at all, it feels deflating. If you have had your heart set on being a part of that cast for that particular movie but it unfortunately didn’t come through, get over that loss and move on to the next greatest role. Monique Coleman of High School Musical recently shared with us some tips on how to deal with rejection.

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Janet Urban Method

What do you think of when you hear the words “entertainment industry”?

Do you think of the glitz and glam? High profile interviews and red carpet walks? Do you think of the creative and expressive side of the industry? Is it a hobby, and art form, or a business? For people who think that the industry is an art form, that is great. It can be as creative and inspiring  as possible. It can be a platform to tell your story and give you a life of happily ever afters.

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Jessica DiGiovanni on Her Life Before and After Joining the “Union”

“Do three things every day for your career and you will be where you want to be a lot faster than if you don’t” – an advice from VIP IGNITE Alumni, Jessica DiGiovanni.

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Winter Fashion

Bracing for the onslaught of wild winter weather with hats, gloves, sweaters, and scarves is rough stuff. And it’s a particularly treacherous time of year for letting your style take a nasty slip and fall. However, wearing a homemade hat with a pom-pom is no easier than sliding on a sleek ski cap. Consider this seasonal survival guide of dos and don’ts of winter fashion a timely present for navigating through the inclement conditions in style.

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