Kids Modeling

Callback: How to Prepare Your Child Actors

After months of waiting, your child finally got the callback. How very exciting. This is great news. Really.

A callback is a win in itself. Most often we hear actors get hung up on not actually booking a role – but bear in mind, it is a compliment if you receive a callback. On average, thousands of actors will submit for a project and only a dozen or so will be invited for callbacks. The same concept works on young talent.

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6 Things Every Child Actor Needs

So, your child has a burning passion for acting and performance – and you decided to take a leap into the world of show business. Congratulations, parents! This is an exciting time for your and for your child actor.

It will also be a very busy one.

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How to Setup Your Actor’s Website in 5 Simple Steps

I’m sure by now you know how important a website is to actors. Have you ever thought of building one from scratch? Or does that thought makes you quiver?

“What if I’m broke and technologically challenged?” – you ask yourself.

Fortunately for you, technology has grown in your favor. So if you don’t have your actor website built yet, this post will (hopefully) help you get there. And if you already have a website up, use this as checklist to make sure it meets your expectations.

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Child Modeling Scam: What You Should Look Out For

I’m sure you’re like many proud parents – you believe your child has the “right look” to be a child model. It is also really natural to get excited when you were approached by a “talent scout” who seems to agree with you. But beware parents, they may be setting you up to become the next victim of a child modeling scam.

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Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star – 6 Steps to Jumpstart Your Child’s Modeling Career.

As parents, I’m sure you have tons of photos and videos of your child. Of course he (or she) is the cutest child you’ve ever seen.  Million times better than the child models gracing the cover of magazines or back of cereal boxes. But your child is not the only photogenic looking kid looking to potentially break into the modeling world.

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