Headshots: 7 Tips You May Find Useful

A headshot – it is one of the most important marketing tool for an actor. Yet still many people do it wrong because they try to cut a few corners.

Actors, it’s time to take it seriously.

Your headshot is your calling card. Make sure it is something that says “Yes, bring that person in!” instead of “Yikes, that guy scares me.” – casting directors see hundreds of headshots every day – if your headshot looks bad, you look bad. You want to be seen as a pro and not an amateur. So the way you present yourself is very important.

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How to Successfully Physicalize Your Non-Human Character

One of the best aspects of theatre performance is that if the actors on stage believe the character they’re presenting – so will the audiences. Audience members will suspend their disbelief when they see a talking cat or a piece of baloney come to life on stage.

Theatre is the perfect playground for non-human characters.

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12 Tips in Excelling Your Crying Scene

Think of an event in your life when you suffered a loss or experienced some sadness. Were you saying to yourself “Thank God I’m really crying” – of course not. These tears resulted from your immersion in real-life circumstances.

It should be the same thing when you’re acting. If you’re really involved in a character, the emotion will take care of itself.

“But what do I do if I’m immersed in the character but still can’t cry?”

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4 Steps You May Find Useful in Boosting Confidence

Have you ever felt like sometimes, you’ve lost confidence?

Perhaps you’re just starting and have yet to secure your ability. Or maybe you’ve been in the business for a while but suddenly start freezing up at auditions.

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This 4 Practical On-Screen Tips Will Get You Hired

Besides the obvious traits of professionalism, here are a few practical and technical on-screen tips to help make you a real pro on set.

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