6 Tips in Having a Lifelong Career as an Actor

Expectations can be the main thing that is tormenting one’s career.

We all have expectations. As actors it’s fairly normal to expect roles be offered to you after you put in time to submit or go to auditions. But unfortunately, people, it doesn’t work that way.

Successful people – actors included – do need to take some major steps to get work and to progress in their careers. The main thing is to have a clear understanding of how things work and the steps that will make you most successful.

Today, we would like to share with you the six truths in having a successful long-term career:


  1. BFAs, MFAs and PHDs may be useful if you’re considering a teaching career. If you’re not, well, in that case they’re not aslifelong important as talent and professional training. The real advantage of college is not just acting training, but opening your mind to different cultures, languages, literature, etc.
    This helps you to develop a deeper understanding of people and the roles you will eventually play.
  1. Training may not be as important as talent, looks (it’s what makes you distinct, exotic after all) and personality – especially on camera. If you’re unique and stands out from the crowd, you’ll be highly likely get hired. Not the actors who’s like everyone else or close an already famous stars.
    Be yourself. Promote your uniqueness. This is your brand and your strongest suit for getting work.
  1. Looks and personality aren’t as important as the desire to succeed. Patience and persistence are what lead you to good training. Still, in most interviews, actors who can be themselves, charm, entertain and connect are always known to get cast.
    Industry professionals aren’t just waiting for you to walk in the door and be brilliant at your audition. They would like to a real person who’s going to be fun or challenging to work with.
  1. It is important that you develop relationships with industry professionals – far more important to your success than a degree, looks or personality. It’s a bitter thing to swallow but people hire those they know and like. So the next time you’re at an audition or interview, make connection and then, follow up.
    Each audition should be seen as opportunity to build your personal network. It’s the next step in attaining your final goal which is getting cast and working with top professionals. It shouldn’t be a one-off.
  1. Marketing yourself consistently will always be more successful than some of the above. But remember, that doesn’t mean just connecting on social media or sending postcards. It means you have to be active in keeping the relationship – meeting, working with and building repo.
    Create marketing tools – email campaigns, newsletters, press releases, invitations to performances showing your work, etc. Even after booking a major role, you need to keep marketing yourself. Everyone is marketable. There is a role and a market for anyone who makes the effort.
    People want to work with passionate as well as talented people. But the thing is: they have to get to know you. That’s how you market yourself.
  1. careerHaving a mentor, coach or guide will speed up the process of marketing yourself. Why? Simply because they know when to say, what to say and how to say things – this will save you months (even years) of doing the wrong thing. You want the industry to see what a valuable asset you are. But you don’t want a reputation of an annoying actor.
    There’s a fine line in marketing and you need to know the difference. A marketing expert can help clarify that for you. A coach/mentor can help you in designing your campaign and oversee what needs to be created. There’s a high chance for you to get representation and to find work if there’s someone helping.


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