5 Things You Should Have in Your Press Kit

One of the biggest mistakes actors make is not having a press kit. In case you don’t know, press kit is useful for many things especially when you need to showcase your achievements and work to agencies.

What should you have in a press kit? A press kit usually comprised of images, media, article clippings and anything else that displays your work. The easiest option is to have an electronic press kit – in PDF or micro-site forms. Your press kit should be easy to read and to send to anyone you’re targeting.

We have helped you outlined the most basic and most essential items you should include in your press kit.


  1. Images.
    Definitely one of the most important things everyone need to have in their press kits. They should show off your presence – you on the red carpet, headshot, production shot – you should include them all. There are various ways you can use to incorporate images into your press kit. Just make sure you include just the right amount of pictures to avoid overshadowing other information.
  2. Articles.
    It is fairly simple to collect articles or blog posts to be included in your press kit. If you have no articles written specifically about you, you can attach one that was written about the project you were in.
  3. Current Projects.
    Are you currently filming? Are you a student with a highly acclaimed acting coach? What’s your next step? In this section, you may include your current projects and keep updating as you gain new jobs. It is very important to show that you’re working and always trying to perfect your career.
  4. Charity Work. pink-1745886_640
    People tend to forget the importance of charity – both in real life and in Hollywood. Charity work is impressive because it showcases your ability to show how well you can balance life – rushing to auditions, attending red carpets, giving back to community. Also, a lot of big names in Hollywood are attached to charity work. It may help you through networking or small talk with an executive attached to the same charity.
  5. Website.
    As you probably know, websites mean a lot these days. You need people to find you and contact you. It is vital to display your contact information on both press kit and website. It could be an email or a phone number, but people need to be able to find you without digging through your information. Hence, make sure your contact info is displayed at the top.
  6. Social Media. icon-1319606_640
    This section is meant to display that you are communicative on all types of outlets. They also showcase the type of materials you share with the www. Your social media speaks a lot about you. Show loyalty by tweeting about the clothing brand that sponsors you. Agencies and publicists will ask for your social media handles anyway, so share stuffs that progress your career and not damage it.
  7. Biography.
    You should include a brief summary of your career and life – fill it with big moments and tell a story of how you get to where you are. You don’t have to get all Shakespeare on it; but embellish a little and illustrate to the readers on what it is that keep you motivated.
  8. Endorsements/Sponsorships.
    Put everything here, even if it’s just a small project from a friend’s clothing brand. If you don’t have any agents or publicists, this information will make you more appealing to the public. It shows that you’re marketable even without any agent or publicist.


So, what are you waiting for? Start compiling your press kit now.


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